Tonight @woodygphoto has the finals of the follow the light photography awards in HB at the US Open. Good luck mate. You got this.
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Day 1
It’s been a little over 24h since I touched down in L.A and I have already been to the Long Beach mini bike GP, had Mexican food and surfed Malibu all with great friends. The next 2 months are going to be a blast.
Let the good times roll.
Thanks @cristianolguin @hardcory for driving me around.
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Deus Surf Swap at @deusemporium this Saturday the 2nd of Aug. Come down and say G’day and pick up a great deal on everything surf.
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Straight off the plane and into some mini moto races at @ba_moto
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Switching Hemispheres for a few months. Let the endless summer continue.
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Welcome to the family Mr DT175 
Best $300 bucks iv ever spent.
Tang Ta Tang Tang.
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A start to another day at the beach.
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It was a @themaladymass kinda morning. #headdipholiday
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3 days till Malibu.
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The Sand Highway to Surf.
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Many people have seen the bad side of this jump off rock. I’m sure everyone has a boiling pot horror story.
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Good morning beach critter.
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Venturing out to the edge of the headland and the beautiful gates of hell.
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My favorite pair of shades.
The Arkin by @raen
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As the human race shifts gears in it’s attempt to kill everything there is still a lot of beauty but most of that beauty has nothing to do with people.
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