It’s only been a few days since iv been back to SoCal and I’m already back in the tent but this time only up the road from longboard mecca.
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I made it back for the biggest Malibu swell in years.

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Twists And Turns
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Newport Oregon.

Sunny: 🌞

Water Temp: 49 degrees

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Cold Surf & Warm Tea
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Making friends with the locals everywhere I go.
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Big creepy trees in Mendocino. the surf is average and cold so today I’m going to see how far I can make it North.

A beautiful day for some urban adventures in San Francisco.
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A good cup of tea to start the day.
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One of the main reasons I keep coming back to California.
It has high peaks, low deserts and everything In between.

My fabric home has some amazing views and it changes everyday.
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I’m coming or going depends how you look at it but it wouldn’t be possible without help from my friends.
Thanks @blackmilk7 @deusemporium @ba_moto @ironcobrasfabrication @dustin_humphrey Thanks for getting me on the road.

Malibu double ups.
The best way to enjoy time at the beach is to spend it with friends.
@d_peto @hardcory @bluetica hangin in umbrella city.
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I dusted the cobwebs out of my dream bike on Highway 1 this afternoon. It’s not my bike but good friends.
Thanks @daredeus for the bike and @zanderhartman @anwalksonwater for letting me borrow your boards and the Snyders for dinner @jessiesnyder
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Got the privilege to hang and surf with some good friends that happen to be some of Malibu’s Greatest Hits.
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